what makes melrose special?

We believe the whole of your life is for living and that doesn’t stop when you get older. We live by four principles which enable us to deliver a level of care we are truly proud of.

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Individualism and dignity

Treating residents as individuals: learning their life stories, respecting their backgrounds and delivering on personal wishes.  Preserving dignity at any level of dependence or disability; respecting privacy, maintaining communication, valuing residents & compassionately prizing their personhood. Ensuring we are communicating and staying open to the needs of each resident.

Learning and growth

Evolving as a learning organisation by supporting the development of both residents and staff. Involving everyone from carers, to residents, to loved ones in forward planning, reflecting on care practice, identifying strengths and weaknesses and sharing knowledge in order to improve. Offering stimulating activities throughout the day to all residents.

Enjoyment and Fun

Maintaining a light-hearted, happy atmosphere; staying chatty and smiling.  Promoting a homely community; forming and supporting new friendships and valuing time together.  Organising, promoting and discovering new inclusive activities that cater for residents’ interests. Welcoming visitors at all times, and opening the home for events where our caring community can gel and thrive.

Person Centered Care

Learning what residents like and dislike, asking regular questions and empowering them to make their own choices.  Finding the right balance between lending support and respecting independence; treating each situation for each resident as its own case needing different levels of restraint and initiative.  Giving support in every way we can. Be it physical or emotional we ensure that it is always fitted for the needs of residents. Staying flexible, staying open minded and non-judging.

Our Culture Book

We created a Culture Book to understand how people felt about Melrose, both residents and care providers. We use this to communicate to everyone who we are and what we are creating.

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