At-Home care

We provide unrivalled domiciliary care with expert carers from the Melrose team. We carry the sense of dignity and respect through everything we do and this includes even the shortes at-home visit.

Facilitating your independence and privacy: we ensure your home continues to be a safe and comfortable environment & empowering you to continue a normal life.  Staying flexible: custom building services on-demand, being prepared to complete a wide range of task, your wellbeing is our priority. Approaching care holistically: our care isn’t just physical support & we know that home life can be isolating for the elderly so remain committed to making a positive difference to the lives we touch however possible. Unlike many home care providers with large numbers of employees we promise to provide you with consistent personnel, carers you know and trust to respect your personal wishes. Being there in times of desperate need: if something happens or your health takes a turn for the worse we’ll be ready to step up our support and react to your needs, we’re in it for the long haul.

Explore our Services

Scheduled Visits

You can schedule visits by our carers at a frequency that pleases you; we are prepared to visit weekly, daily, or several times a day. We have a minimum stay of 30 minutes and can stay as long as care is needed. Alternatively you might prefer to schedule occasional one off visits if you have specific tasks you need assistance with. At present we offer no through the night care for our home care clients.   

Home Care

Our care can include a wide range of services including:

  • companionship
  • assistance with your morning routine
  • Personal care (washing & grooming)
  • shopping & other errands (with you or with your instruction)
  • cooking
  • assistance with medication
  • respite care while your permanent carer has a break,
  • convalescence following a spell of illness or surgery
  • cleaning
  • laundry and ironing  

Care Planning

Upon your call our dedicated home care coordinator will pay you a visit to assess and discuss your needs, together you will begin to build a relationship and a custom tailored care plan. 

Going Out

If you want to go out, either to run errands or for your enjoyment we can be there to lend a hand or simply accompany you.


As well as encouraging our residents to socialise over meals, activities and in our communal areas we often have events on special occasions when we invite residents and their families and friends to come together and celebrate.

Living and dying well

Our care focuses on enriching the lives of our residents, but an important part of our service is ensuring they have a ‘good’ death when the time comes.  A ‘good’ death can be difficult to imagine, but we believe it is about enabling residents to die with dignity, where they want, how they want and with whom they want.

A Beacon in end of life care

We are very proud to have been accredited with Beacon Status in end of life care by the Gold Standards Framework (GSF). This means that our staff have passed a challenging programme which improves the way we deal with end of life care, giving us the tools to ensure our residents live and die well. Senior members of staff are qualified in the GSF 6 step programme, we make advanced care plans so a good death can be ensured when the resident becomes very weak or unable to communicate, and 100% of our residents die in their preferred setting.

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Your personal data when making an enquiry about home care from the Melrose team:

  • When emailing via our website or via, your data will be seen only by the office manager, registered manager, business manager or owner.
  • It will be used only for the purposes of your enquiry and not shared with any other third party.
  • We will contact you personally, by email or telephone to obtain further details of the person you are enquiring for,  and will ask your permission to take down details for the purposes of an initial assessment as to that person’s suitability for our service.
  • With your permission, we will retain this data for one month and then destroy it securely.
  • If you or your relative takes up our service, then your data will become part of our care documentation and stored securely.
  • You will be issued with a separate privacy statement under these conditions which give more detail.